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Retaining Walls

Over recent years McCane Construction have completed numerous retaining wall projects deemed impossible by some contractors due to temporary works and access constraints. Having the ability to formulate innovative designs provides a unique division to the company.

McCane Construction have often been heavily involved with failed retaining walls as the number of failures due to adverse weather & inadequate design seems to increase. Often retaining walls are in difficult to access areas and provide a unique set of challenges to overcome.

Working in landlocked, watercourse, and housing estates we have a history of installing gabion baskets, reinforced concrete, masonry, pre-manufactured Lego blocks and precast retaining wall panels. Each sites constraint may determine which product is most suitable to install.

As retaining walls are often in hard to reach places or have structures within the local facility, supporting the adjacent ground is essential to a successful project. Having our in-house piling team allows McCane Construction to offer a variety of solutions to provide protection against collapse. Utilising our piling rig to install a contiguous piled wall has become an effective method to ensure safety from collapse, as well as giving clients the reassurance all works are covered and managed effectively by one contractor.

Installing proprietary shoring systems alongside our piles can increase the load capabilities and facilitates deeper excavations. McCane Construction are able to provide innovative and unique solutions to problematic projects and sites where other may shy away.

Working alongside our structural engineer who provides the calculations and our in-house temporary works coordinator and site based temporary works supervisors, McCane Construction ensures that the correct systems are in place to ensure a safely managed site.

Please see our portfolio of projects which outlines a few projects where our piles acted as the temporary works for the scheme.
Having a wide range of trades and services McCane Construction can provide a complete retaining wall project from start to finish. 
Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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