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Derbyshire Domestic - Mini Piling Drop Hammer Rig

Our day to day mini piling consists of providing a pile and ring beam installation for new build or extensions to existing properties. Due to poor ground or trees in the locality or subsidence schemes can be developed suited to each site.

Below photos show a piled raft completed in Derbyshire for a private domestic client:

Below shows typical pile and ground beams prior and after concrete:

Following shows pile and needle solution to stabilise a property suffering with subsidence:

Following images utilise a permanent formwork system used in conjunction with a collapsible product under the ground beams to alleviate the risk of heave. Pre augering, then driving a steel casing with a slip collar around the top 3m ensures the piles are isolated and still achieve the loadings for a 2 storey property in Edwalton, Nottinghamshire:

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