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Kibworth, Harcourt - Existing Basement Conversion

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Kibworth Harcourt - Existing basement conversion for store-room purposes

McCane Construction were approached privately to quote and formulate a scheme suitable for converting an existing cellar in Kibworth Harcourt into a storeroom for the homeowners. The cellar was prone to flooding in wet conditions and had a historic sump installed with an unreliable pump, the cellar was really damp and storing any items was not possible.

Being damp with occasional water on the floor, our brief was to provide a dry environment for the homeowner to then fit out if wished.

When the installation of the new pump was taking place, it became apparent there was a continual flow of water entering the area through land drains. Installing the sump was problematic and required an additional sump pit installing to remove the water while the new and permanent chamber was concreted into position.

The cellar had an existing brick floor, it was deemed that the floor was well compacted due to the age of the property and as the area was only going to be used as a store-room the client agreed that by leaving the floor in-situ would reduce the costs and the risk was low. A channel for the perimeter drain was formed and a sacrificial screed installed on top of the brick floor up to the top of the perimeter timber to form a rebate for the perimeter drain to sit in and provide a new solid and level surface. Following removing the timber a lime inhibitor was sprayed to the floor and rebate to prevent free lime from blocking the channels in the future.

A wykamol 20mm membrane was laid on top of the sacrificial screed followed by closed cell insulation and chipboard flooring. To the walls CM8 membrane was fixed with sealed plugs to provide a sealed type C system.

The membrane was continued down the side of each tread and riser by removing the outer brick of the stairs and painted with a water based liquid membrane to reduce damp.

Plywood was installed on the old brick plinths around the perimeter of the room to allow storage of items without damaging the membrane. The client installed lighting and supplies for the pump chamber to provide a dry, usable space. Edincare commissioned the pumps and now carry out annual service of the pumps to ensure they do not fail.

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