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Ruddington, Nottinghamshire - Construction of basement with temporary works

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

McCane Construction commenced work on a new build basement construction close to the heart of Ruddington centre in early 2018. The property to be constructed was domestic and had a basement which is the full footprint of the site. Due to roads to the North and East elevation and a 2-storey property on the south elevation a 3 sided contiguous piled wall was installed. 250mm auger piles to a depth of 6m were installed around 3 sides. Working extensively with Howard Ward Engineers a sequence was developed to prop the piles while the RC works were installed. RMD power shore props were installed to support the corners and UC were installed across the width which were then left in-situ to construct the ground floor slab.

A concrete ring beam was installed on top of the piled wall. This allowed the piles to be propped as well as providing a foundation for the SIPS panel to be erected from filling the full footprint of the site.

Ground water was present throughout the works, a gravel trench was excavated with a sump at one end continuously pumping the ground water to make the area workable. A 75mm thick clean granular sub-base was installed prior to a 75mm concrete blinding. Along with the trench this allowed the work area to be free from water.

ICF was utilised as the permanent RC walls of the basement to reduce the need for insulation internally. The ICF was filled with waterproof concrete with xypex additive. Following installing the ICF and ground floor slab it was left for a prefabricated SIPS house to be erected.

McCane Construction also installed a sub pump chamber within the floor slab and have provided the waterproofing type C system internally to provide the 2 levels of protection required for a warranty provider.

What they said:

“Upon recommendation, we asked McCane to quote for the construction and groundworks for the creation of a basement for our self-build project on a tight urban plot.  Understanding of our financial position they managed to bring the estimate in within our budget.

Steve Fagg and Andy Berry worked tirelessly with our engineers to move the project on from the drawing board. The works were very involved and potentially dangerous but the team at McCane delivered exactly as planned and within the estimated price.

The level of detail and care that each and every member of the on-site team displayed was second to none.  The superstructure above ground is timber framed and McCane supplied the joinery team to complete all the cladding works who again followed in the same vein of skill and craftsmanship.

I could not recommend McCane more highly - without Steve and Andy's knowledge and assistance I’m not sure we would have been able to get our project out of the ground!”

Rob Mascari- Ruddington


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