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Park Terrace, Nottingham - Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Park Terrace, Nottingham - Reinforced concrete retaining wall- Main Contractor on behalf of 2 insurers

This project was deemed as being impossible by numerous contractors. Located in a desirable area of Nottingham and totally landlocked, the existing sandstone and brick retaining wall had collapsed. There was extensive damage to an outhouse and the neighbour’s patio, it was fortunate no-one was injured. The cause was deemed to be water pressure behind the wall from the recent storm.

McCane Construction were approached with a preliminary design however the logistics to install the scheme were problematic due to access. With an area of the wall retaining 5m in height the retaining wall and foundation were significant in size. After numerous survey’s exploring all avenues of access including helicopter deliveries it was decided to form an access corridor through the properties living area, out the rear window onto a scaffold platform.

Materials were hoisted down to the lower level to allow works to proceed. Over 9 months the wall was finally completed which included landscaping and reconstructing the outhouse.


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