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Southwell, Nottinghamshire - Retaining Wall Project -

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Retaining wall project - Southwell, Nottinghamshire - Subcontract services to John’s of Nottingham for Crawfords Consultants.

Following local floods in 2015, an earth bank was partially washed away adjacent to a cottage, causing a risk of undermining the foundations. Working in a water course, with Japanese Knotweed present McCane Construction installed a Gabion basket retaining wall. Ensuring no concrete was used in the wall, minimised the risk of polluting the water course and having a negative environmental impact.

In order to excavate and divert the watercourse, we installed 250mm diameter auger reinforced mini-piles to support the cottage while the works took place. These piles were engineered design with a 152 x 152 UC installed within prior to concreting. The piles were installed to a depth of 6m. Restricted access meant extensive scaffolding to install the piles was required, while minimising disturbance to the tenants of the cottage.

The baskets were faced with the gabion stonework and pipework added to receive planting on completion to allow the baskets to become part of the surrounding area. The site was cleared ensuring the Japanese knotweed was not disturbed.


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